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Exciting News!

Kelle's Krib is now partnering with A Bed and a Book to provide families in need with beds for their children!  The Boone Police Department will now play an active part in this mission.  Empowered by the involvement of our local Police Department as well as local organizations and volunteers who will help with fundraising, delivery and building of the beds, we will be able to reach even more children in need here in the High  Country.  

Help us connect with children in need of a bed!  We partner with the following local agencies: 
High Country Caregivers
Watauga County DSS
Health & Hunger Coalition 

The Children's Council



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Kelle's Krib

Our mission is to work with the Hunger and Health Coalition to ensure that every child in our community has a safe, warm place to lay their head.

About Us


Kelle's Dream

The idea for Kelle’s Krib was born in 2010, when Kelle Broome Muehleib was a young MSW with DSS in Arlington, VA. It was nearing Christmas when Kelle paid a visit to a family with two children. The father had recently lost his job. When Kelle asked the little girl what she might like for Christmas, the child answered “a bed”.  To hear a child ask for a bed for Christmas is a heartbreaking experience and not soon forgotten. 

Kelle's Krib was created to fulfill a vision for Watauga County that was near and dear to  Kelle Broome Muehleib's heart. As a social worker, Kelle was aware that many children lacked a warm bed.  She saw first hand the children who were forced to sleep on floors, chairs, or in crowded beds. As a young mother herself, this was troubling and Kelle became passionate about developing a community based project to address this need. Unfortunately, Kelle was unable to bring this vision to fruition, as she unexpectedly passed away in her sleep on September 21, 2016. Kelle's family and friends began Kelle's Krib in 2017 to honor her memory and continue her mission.


baby car seats

Kelle's Krib/A Bed and a Book works with social workers in the community and local schools to provide for basic needs for children of all ages in and around our area. We provide twin beds, complete bedding and age appropriate books for children in Watauga County from ages newborn to 18.

Seperated Beds
Pillows And Blankets

Kelle’s Krib/A Bed and a Book receives referrals from the following agencies:

  • Watauga County Health and Hunger Coalition

  • Children’s Council of Watauga

  • Watauga County Schools

  • Hospitality House

  • Watauga County Social Services

  • High Country Caregivers

  • Emergency Services, and OASIS.

The recipients are evaluated by the professionals in these organizations to determine the level of need.

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Kelle's Krib worked closely with Anita Wilson (pictured above), Director of The Hunger and Health Coalition, to help make sure that the children of the High Country have what they need.  

Testimonial from Kelle's Krib Recipient: 

We are humble folk and try not to live beyond our means, however we were trying to buy things for our 5 month old son one item at a time, as needed as we save up for the next item. Our plan has worked for the most part as we are able to save and buy what we need for our children. However, a few days ago my baby went full on acrobat and turned himself around in his bassinet. I don't even know how he did it, but I knew that it was no longer safe for him to sleep there. Sadly, we were hoping to be able to make it another month and hadn't saved up the money we needed for the purchase of a crib. I know that the Children's Council has wonderful resources so I called them up thinking I could maybe grab a donated used crib as they get dropped off.


She surprised me and told me about Kellie's Krib and we had a crib for our son that very afternoon. It was such a blessing, and we also got bedding and a mobile. They even offered us a bouncy seat but we already had one.


These programs completely saved us and are such wonderful resources to struggling families, especially during tough times. We were also able to take the small amount we had saved for the crib and purchase a stroller and several books for our home library from Ram's Rack. Not only did we get a crib. we also got to purchase items that will bring hours of enrichment to our family.


Thank you again and be blessed,

I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to me and help me and my family.  This is an amazing thing that your group and volunteers do.  We were in need and y'all were able to help us.  

A thank you from a

Kelle's Krib recipient

Donate to Kelle's Krib/
A Bed and a Book : 


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Or send checks to: 

Kelle's Krib/A Bed and A Book 

PO Box 2982

Boone NC, 28607

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